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Lost Tip Archers Gathering XII

Shire of Panther Vale
August 28-30, 2015
Caledonia Forest and Stream Club

St. Johnsbury, VT

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Lost Tip Archers' Gathering VII


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The Co-Autocrats Tighearn Eol ua Tadhg and Baintighearna Ruadhnait inghean Ruaidhri along with all of Panther Vale wish to extend our Welcome to old friends and those who are new to Lost Tip in our almost new location.

It is the autumn of 1068 on the island of England and we all know what that means...

King Harold has called all good Saxons and his Welsh allies to come to the defense of his lands from the Norman Pretender, Duke William of Normandy. The fyrd has been called north to Stamford Bridge to push back Harold Hardrada and his Northmen leaving the south coast of England open to invasion from Normandy. So far the weather has been in our favor and storms have kept the crossing impossible. Our luck cannot hold out forever. Already there are spys and Norman raiders ranging across the south. Without the fyrd we are defenseless. Cattle are stolen, women and children are burned out of their houses, prying eyes are stealing our secrets. King Harold sends word to all able-bodies people who hold England dear to their hearts to gather and resist. Can something as simple as an arrow change the course of history? 

We have lost Lord Robert and Lady Isabel's castle (most likely due to Norman skulduggery) and have moved to the Northeast to the great forests of Caledonia as a gathering place for resistance and preparations for war. Anyone who can draw a bow is asked to come and sharpen their skills regardless of experience. There will be beginners who have never lifted a bow before up to experienced marksmen willing to teach. Our tasks are to hunt the forests to gather provisions for the fyrd and while we hunt to pick off any spies or raiders we come across. For those without a bow we can offer training and practice in thrown weapons such as knives and axes. Archery tactics will be discussed and practiced. There will be Royal Rounds, a Roving Range (with a clout), a flight shoot, as well as hunting in the surrounding forest for meat for the kettles.


The hunting will take place on paths that are quite steep in places. It will take upwards of 2 hours to complete the woods in order to come across all 17 animals in His Grace's Forest and we will fully exhaust ourselves.

There will be adult and youth shooting postions (youth is under 12).

NOTE: This will require archers to have substantial footwear and to
 be dressed appropriately for hunting and skulking after spies!


In addition to Archery, there will be training and competition in ax, spear, and knife throwing.

Children wishing to train as part of the war band may do so, provided their parents or guardian are present. Children traveling with adults who are not their parents or legal guardians MUST present waivers (see bottom of page).

Panther Vale will provide two large pots of hot vittles for the mid-day meal.  We have ordered stewards to prepare Duck-a-Leeky soupt along with two fine stews (one with meat and the other without), breads, cheeses, and fruit in season as well as suitable drinks.  None go hungry in the forests of Caledonia!

A primitive camp will be established late on the day before the gathering and will disband the morning after the gathering.  Archers may request camping for themselves and their families by contacting the Lost Tip Reservations Clerk.

Event reservations are not required but they are highly desirable for planning the dayboard.  Just send an email note with Lost Tip in the subject line and indicate who you are and how many will be attending with you to the Lost Tip Reservations Clerk.

Site Map

Small Site map

Click on map for larger version


Event Information

NOTE: There are structures with metal roofs that must be shot over.
If any archer's arrow lands on a metal roof that archer will be required to pay for any damage (determined by the Caledonia Forest and Stream Club). Allowances (shorter distances) will be made for archers who would rather not shoot over buildings.

Here is a link to The Event Program (suitable for printing).

Here is a link to the Score Card that will be used for RR, Roving Range, and Woods Shoot
to determine the overall winner and the 5 Shires Champion.

Lost Tip Archers' Gathering Schedule
Friday, August 28

  5:00 pm
Site Opens for Campers

Saturday, August 29

Site Opens

  9:30 – 11:30  
Royal Rounds(more...)
Axe, Knife, and Spear Throwing (more...)
Hunting in the Caledonia Forest (more...)
Workshop - (more...)

11:30 am  –   1:00 pm
Day Board (more...)

  1:30  –  5:00
Royal Rounds
Axe, Knife,and Spear Throwing
Hunting in the Caledonia Forest 
Workshop - 

  2:00  –  5:00
Shooting on the Roving Range (more...)
Workshop - (more...)

Flight Shoot at the 200 yard range (more...)

  5:30  -  6:00
Awards Ceremony

Activities for Campers and Others who are interested  (more...)

Sunday, August 30

Site Closes


Lost Tip Youth Activities
The Lost Tip Youth Activities are listed here.

Lost Tip Dayboard
There will be a dayboard from about 11:30 am to 1:00 pm
The menu is listed here
Please bring a camp chair - we will provide tables!

The gathering will be held in the usual autumn sunshine of Vermont (bright and/or liquid).

Parking right on the site is somewhat limited,
so carpooling is suggested -
cuts down on travel costs as well.


Proceed in the most convenient fashion to I-91 to exit 22 (North of St. Johnsbury, VT).
Turn onto Hospital Hill Rd. toward Rt. 5 - 3/4 mile downhill.
At traffic light turn Left onto Rt. 5 (North) (Memorial Dr.)
Go 2.5 miles.
Turn left onto Pierce Road (over river) and go about 3/4 mile.
(you will drive past a large manafacturing plant.)
Turn at first left (through the gate) on to Forest and Stream Rd. and continue to site in about 1/2 mile.

Google Map of Site 

The site opens at 9:00 AM and closes at 8:00 PM.

(Camping opens the evening before and closes the morning after the gathering.)


General Admission Fee:
(including the Day Board)

Adult Members: $15*
Youth 6 to 17: $5.00
Children under 6: Free
Member Family Maximum**: $30.00 
Non-member Family Maximum**: $35.00
Camping/Steading: No Charge

(*Adult that have either a membership card or a new member pass receive a $5 discount).
(**Families can only be parents and children - natural , adopted or foster)

Minors traveling with adults who are not their parents or legal guardian
must have both the
Minor Waiver AND the notarized Medical Wavier
at time of registration.

Children cannot be dropped off to spend the day at "Camp".
Please contact the Autocrats for more information.

Checks are payable to :
SCA Inc. - Shire of Panther Vale

The Co-Autocrats are
Tighearn Eol ua Tadhg
and Baintighearna Ruadhnait inghean Ruaidhri

at BLTighe@live.com


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