Youth Combat


Unto the Youth Fighters of the Noble Kingdom of the East, does Dominus Tiberius Iulius Rufus, Marshal of Youth Combat send greetings!

The East Kingdom 12th Night  promises to be a lively and exciting event for Youth Combat. We are offering the chance to trade blows with youth from all over the Kingdom. We'll have a limited amount of loaner gear available for new fighters to try the program, so bring friends! 

The 12th Night site gives us a large list area on the floor of the Constantinople Room (main Hall) with, but separate from, the heavy list fighters and fencers, who will be practicing and competing right next to us.

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Caught That One!
Caught That One!
Close Combat
Close Combat

Sharpen your brains and tape up your swords -- it's fightin' time!

Youth Combat: Schedule

Youth Combat area opens at 10 a.m. for inspections, open bouts, and practices.

Division I:

Tourney begins at 11 a.m., format to be determined based on number of participants. Prizes offered for most chivalrous conduct and for martial prowess.

Division II:

Individual Tourney begins at 1300. Format determined at the field based on number of participants. Prizes offered for martial prowess, chivalrous conduct, and best presentation.

Division III:

Individual Tourney: 1300 – 1400, Warlord Format. Fighters compete to ‘ capture’members of the list and form an unbeatable force. Prizes offered for martial prowess and for presentation.

Team Melee Tourney: 1400 – 1500, Teams of Five. Fighters may come with preformed teams or form them at the list. Prize offered for martial prowess and for team identification (heraldry, colors, favours, etc) / presentation.

Division IV ((Youth Rattan):

1300 – 1500, Warlord Format. Fighters will compete for prizes in martial prowess, chivalrous conduct, and presentation of kit.

This schedule in PDF format.

Very Important

** Minors attending with an adult other than their parent or legal guardian are REQUIRED to present both a notarized medical consent form and a minor's release form signed by their parent or legal guardian. These forms are available at:

Please, contact Lady Isabella Alycia Machaut de Valois at with any questions regarding these forms.

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