It all looks so good.
It all looks so good.

Merchants are welcome to set up their booths at no extra charge! Merchants interested in selling their wares at the East Kingdom's 12th Night should reserve space with our 

Merchant Liaison: Pomestintsa Mairead Scherbatskaja

mka meg scherbatskoy
PO Box 136
Worcester, VT 05682 ~ (802) 229-5040
** Mairead is looking for people to help her work with the merchants.

Merchant Liaison Contact Information 


Merchants You may have their listings added here (SEE BELOW) by notifying our Merchant Liaison as above. Please, also email your details to me at and we will gladly post them here. Be detailed!  We have plenty of room and we can post special projects or items that you would like to highlight.

 "idle" Time in the Shop.
"idle" Time in the Shop.
There are Weapons of War too!
There are Weapons of War too!

Demetria Merchants Fair Exhibitors
at the
East Kingdom's 12th Night Celebration

                                                  is dedicated to providing period appropriate handmade jewelry with an emphasis on Viking Wire Weaving.  Donella McBain spends long hours hunting up beautiful designs and ideas to make every piece interesting and eye-catching.  All the semi precious stones used are real, no plastic or resin, however, you may find a dot of hot glue here and there to make sure nothing comes apart. Feel free to ask for a custom piece if nothing on display suits your fancy!  Check out her web site at
Wire Woven
Viking Wire Weave
Copper Beads

Heart of Oak Traders

  • Blacksmith Items,
  • Reproduction Period Lampwork Beads, 
  • Items of Maritime Material Culture, and
  • A few other random odds and ends

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