Our Marshal in charge of Fencing, Lady Frenya Thorsteinsdottir, has organizied a Tournament for yourenjoyment. If you have any questions, please feel free to  Contact the Fencing Marshal

9am:   Authorizations begin 
           (If there are enough marshals).

10 am to 12 pm:   War of the Roses Tourney.

Each fencer will have a set number of tokens at the beginning of the tourney and will be free to fence as many times and as many fencers as he/she wishes. The loser of the bout will give a token to his opponent. The audience will be able to purchase tokens as well to give to their favorite fencer(s). The fencer (who has actually fought during the tourney!) with the most tokens at the end of the tourney will be declared victorious.
The funds raised by the sale of the tokens will be given to the local food bank.

12 pm to 2 pm:  Pick-ups

If time allows after the tourney, pick-ups will be possible.

Epee Touche? No, Repartee!
Epee Touche?    No, Repartee!
Taking a Break
Taking a Break?

Teams will take turns raiding or defending a tavern, trying to make off with booty (only some pun intended here as the patrons and wait staff can be kidnapped for fun and profit) and cash. The winning team will receive the ultimate prize, a Keg of Beer, which I hope they will share with the losers, as well as the organizer (i.e. ME, Jack the Black). You may show up with your own team, or we can place you with a team when you get here. Pirate crews like the Red Scorpion are welcome to show, if they think they can take beer from Jack the Black's possession! Team sizes can vary; we will just stick more defenders in the Tavern to repel the lot of you! Or how about : I am pleased to announce that at Tyger Hunt (May 30th - June 1st) there shall be two Rapier Tournaments to both challenge and entertain you. In the morning a Swiss Five Tournament shall be held and in the early afternoon prepare for �The Swashbuckler Challenge.� A Swiss Five Tournament (with substitutions): In this bear pit style tournament, the combatants must rotate through their authorization styles, and can not repeat a style until they have cycled through all their styles. For the purpose of this tournament, �Parrying device� shall be split into Hard and Soft parry device categories. In addition, a fencer may chose to substitute their rapier for a dagger. At the end of the bear pit, all combatants shall be asked to vote for who they felt was the most fun to fight, and who showed the most honor on the field. The winners of the votes and the combatant with the most points from the bear pit shall then fight to determine the overall winner of the tournament. The Swashbuckler Challenge: The Swashbuckler. A dashing adventurer, swinging from chandeliers, wooing fair maidens, and battling foes with a lethal combination of witty banter and expert swordsmanship. Perhaps you have wondered if you have what it takes to be a Swashbuckler? Perhaps you have claimed to be one for years? Well now is your chance to test your skill. So clean your armor, ready your blades and practice your witty one liners for the contest that will determine who is a true Swashbuckler. And don�t forget to brush your teeth; you�ll need it to get that glint of sun to shine off of your heroic smile. The Swashbuckler challenge shall consist of four challenges: 1. The Swashbuckler pose: Any true Swashbuckler must be able to strike a heroic pose that can make ladies swoon, lords admire, and villains tremble in their boots. * Contestants shall be introduced to those assembled and asked to strike their heroic swashbuckler pose. Those assembled (both contestants and spectators) shall then vote by a show of hands if they felt the contestant had a good pose. The number of votes a contestant receives will be added to their score in the tournament. 1. Dueling Banter: A true Swashbuckler must be able to carry on an exchange of both words and blows with an adversary. * Contestants shall have a period of 20 minutes to challenge each other in as many matches as time allows. At the end of the each match, each contestant shall report to the minister or mistress of the list and score his/her opponent on their banter. 2. Fight Past the Guards: What Swashbuckling adventure would be complete without the hero battling a slew of guards in an attempt to rescue some maiden fair or some prisoner? In this Melee scenario, you must see if you have what it takes to make it past the waves of guards and rescue the prisoner. * In this melee scenario, each contestant will have to make their way past three waves of guards. 3. An Epic Battle : We�ve all watched with awe as two master swordsmen square off for a battle worthy of tales of glory. For the final challenge, it is time to see if you have the skill to face your opponent in such an epic battle. At the end of the tournament, the total score for each contestant shall be calculated to determine who is the next true Swashbuckler!

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