The Feast

In mid-afternoon Thane Aethelhafoc Caegfindan and friends from the Companie de Cuisinier will serve a three-remove feast. The feast will be served in the lower level (Feast Hall) of the Auditorium.   And in a long tradition of Panther Vale sumptuous feasts, Thane Aethelhafoc will tantalize your taste buds and fill your bellies with a sumptuous repast to begin at Their Majesties' pleasure at about 3:00 PM.

Cooks' Guild
The Feastocrat

Let us whet your appetite with mention of chicken in sherry, cheese risotto in cabbage leaves, salads, specially prepared squashs -- have we gotten your attention yet?

A detailed ingredient list will be posted near the kitchen on the day of the feast and Aethelhafoc or the Coordinator of Servers would be happy to show it to you. People who would like to discuss in advance any allergy concerns, or questions about the ingredients, should contact Thane Aethelhafoc.

Contact the Feastocrat

The 12th Night Feast

A Trip to the Holy Land

Course 1 (From Frankish Lands into the Trentino)

Marshaled Fowl Bathed in Sweet Thyme
Spinach with Finocchio in the Style of Parma
Fermenty of Barley, Leeks and Pignoli
Salat of Greens with Tuscan Fruits

Course 2 (Crossing into the Balkans and to Constantinople)

Honeyed Ham in Florets
Pumpion cakes with sweet spice and nuts
Cabbage stuffed with goodness  
Spiced Apple of the Eye

Course 3 (Land of the Pilgrimage)

Beef in Garlic and Lemon
Snow White Salad
Drunken Courgette Fallen upon the Coals
Salad of Melons In their own Vessel

Bread and Butters
Raspberry and Mint Waters
Glace Monte Verte

The menu is, of course, subject to change upon the whim of the Feastocrat and the availability of ingredients!

Feast Fees:

$10 fee per person, limited to 300 seated guests.
We request that those who wish to attend feast pre-register by January 5th. Since the Feast sells quickly, the only guaranteed seat is a paid seat! (Except for our international friends who may pay at the door if they have registered for the feast.)

Playing with Fire.
Playing with Fire.

Send Feast Reservations to:

Reservations Clerk: Lord Dafydd o Cwellyn

David O'Vitt
East Kingdom 12th Night Reservations
P.O. Box 98
East Montpelier, VT 05651

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