Flirting Encouraged
Flirting Encouraged

Lively and exhilarating dance under the direction of Lady Nyfain merch Coel from Rusted Woodlands will be the order of the day at the 12th Night Ball following Court.  The Kingdom's Troubadours will provide music and there will be some instruction from the Kingdom's Terpsichorean Masters.

The Ball Program

Main Prorgam
  • Royal Pavane
    Their Majesties plan to participate
    No Galliard afterward
  • Official Bransle
  • Black Nag
  • Petit Riense
  • Sellenger's Round
  • Maltese "Turkish" Bransle
    SCA Version
  • Anello
  • Gathering Peascods
If Time and
Feet Permit
  • New Boe Peep
  • Heart's Ease
  • Horse's Bransle
  • Ruffty Tuffty

Some Printable Dance Directions
And for those who are interested in reviewing or maybe even learning the dances there is a compendium of directions at  EK12th Night Ball Directions

If you would like a more easily-carried booklet of dance directions, print off the Booklet.pdf back-to-back on a single sheet of paper, cut it along the solid horizontal line, and sew or staple along the dashed vertical lines.  Then fold and Viola! - a booklet.

Road to The Isles
Road to the Isles
All Musicians and Dance Masters are cordially invited to help with Their Majesties Ball.  However, all Musicians planning to participate, are asked to contact our Coordinator of Music, Lady Isabella Alycia Machaut de Valois, so she may make as many arrangements (pun intended) for the ball as she is able.

Contact her at
Lady Isabella Alycia Machaut de Valois

mka: Carolyn Adams
155 Tamarack Rd
Warren, VT 05674 ~ (802) 496-3774


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