From 10 am to 1pm

Sweet Breads
Ham and Egg Pudding
Fresh Fruit

Hot Mulled Cider
Hot Water for Tea or Cocoa



After Court

Entries from the Subtlety Contest as Appropriate
A Chocolate Fountain
and Cakes

These will be served in the main hall starting with the beginning of the Ball and will coincide with the leftover snacking downstairs.


After Court

The leftovers from feast will be converted to finger food, plated and put out for filling in around the edges after court and be available through most of the Ball. Remaining hot and cold beverages from morning board and feast will be available downstairs in the feast hall; providing a second quieter location to visit.

Subtlety Contest

A highlight of the desserts will be the subtleties from the Subtlety Contest which will be held at this year's 12th Night. The theme of the contest is " A Journey To the Holy Land", as is the event theme. Contestants may wish to make use of the star image that will be prevalent around the event.

Contestants should present their entries to the judging table in the Trento Room starting at 10:30 am. They will be asked to fill out an info sheet including ingredients, inspiration, any period info that they wish to share about their entry. They may wish to provide samples for tasting so that the original entry remains intact throughout the judging.  

Judging will be by the populace throughout the afternoon, who will place a bean in a container in front of the entry they chose. Judging will conclude at 2:00 pm at which time the winner will be determined. We will announce the winner at court. Entrants are encouraged to donate their entry to the dessert board at the ball, but this is not required.

If you are thinking of participating or want more information please contact:

Subtleties Coordinator: Lady Isabella Alycia Machaut de Valois
mka: Carolyn Adams
155 Tamarack Rd
Warren, VT 05674 ~ (802) 496-3774

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