Archery at this year's Kingdom 12th Night celebration should provide a challenge for the expert and provide help to the novice.  The range will be 20 yards with 5 to 8 shooting lanes depending on how closely we want to stand next to each other.  

The range will be open from 9 am to 2:30 pm with an ad hoc schedule patterned around the one below.

Time Activity
  8:00 am Equipment Inspections and Practice
  9:00 am

Archery Tournament of the Stars ~ Opens
See details below.  (If there is room, other shooters may also use the range.)
11:30 am

Archery Tournament of the Stars ~ Recesses
Children's Shooting at 7 yards ~ Opens
Instruction will be available.
(Beginning shooters may also be able to receive instruction.)
12:30 pm

Children s Shooting ~ Closes
Archery Tournament of the Stars ~ Reconvenes
1:45 pm Archery Range ~ Closes

For more information or to volunteer as an Archery Marshal Contact the Archery Marshal

Those are pretty!!
You  Won't Lose Those, Will You?
The Range will have three 48-inch round butts set in front of an archery net.  One side of the range will be a concrete wall and there will be archery nets on the other side of the range as well as behind the targets.  

Loaner Gear will be available for anyone that wishes to shoot.  The Shire of Panther Vale is fortunate to have access to over 30 loaner bows and about 20 dozen loaner arrows and most of them will be at the 12th Night celebrartion.  Arm guards, shooting gloves and tabs, and belt and floor quivers will also be available.

Ancient Release Aids!
Ancient Release Aids?

Children's Archery  welcomes all young shooters who wish to try their hand at Archery. Loaner gear, including size appropriate bows and arrows, will be available for all ages, but preference will be given to Archers that are 12 or younger.Targets will be set up at about 7 yards and will be large enough to assure success for everyone.  Instruction will be available.  The policies of the Society and the East kingdom require that parents or legal guardians accompany all shooter age 11 and younger.

The ARCHERY TOURNAMENT OF THE STARS consists of four ends, three 6-arrow untimed ends and one timed end.   There is a description of the rounds below.


The Archery Tournament of the Stars has been described as the Gyntherian Winter Shoot Lite (or Light if you wish).  It consists of  four ends.

Target End - intended to help maintain accuracy over the winter months. It consists of 6 arrows each untimed at a 60 cm (23 inch) 5-color 5-pointed star target with standard 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 scoring.  The target will be a 5-pointed star with segments having the five colors on the standard Royal Round target, except the black will be dark green. After all, it is a 12th Night celebration and green is in.

Speed End - intended to help archers practice speed shooting with accuracy. It consists of an unlimited arrows shot in a 30 second at a 60 cm (23 inch) 5-color 5-pointed star target with standard 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 scoring.

Wand End - intended to help the archer concentrate on minimizing left/right movement. It consists of 6 arrows untimed shot at a target wand 3 feet long by 6 inches wide with multi-colored Northern Army Stars.  Scoring is 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1, according to the color of the star segment hit.

Bull's Eye End - intended to help the archer focus on the center of a target. It consists of  a 6 arrows each untimed shot at a 23 cm (9 inch) 5 color target with standard 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 scoring.  The target will be a 5-pointed star with gold in the center and red, blue, green and white on the five points of the star.

The target butts we will be using should prevent pass-throughs and bounce-offs. However, should these occur, witnessed pass-throughs and bounce-offs that cannot be determined as to score will be scored as 3 points.

It will be a bow. Really!
It will be a bow.  Really!

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