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Panther Vale is a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism located in the Northeast quadrant of Vermont. We are devoted to bringing the Middle Ages to life, both for the enjoyment of those of us who enjoy historical re-creation and role-play, and for the children in the many elementary schools where we do demonstrations of the skills practiced throughout the medieval period. We invite any and all with an interest in medieval history to join us in our play and in our dream.


Shire News

Panteria XX is Coming

May 22 thru May 25 2015 at Camp Farnsworth,
Thetford Center, VT.
(just off of I-91 north of White River Jct)

The hearth fires are lit and the tables reinforced to bear the weight of the copious platters provided by the cooks of the Great Panteria Meal Plan!  The East Kingdom's most prestigious shall again provide Breakfast, Lunch and a One Course feast both Saturday and Sunday to please your palete and loosen your belt.  Join the community of eaters, cooks, and cleaners where everyone helps and no one goes hungry.
Kosher, Vegetarian and Gluten Free options available at all meals WITH prior notice.

Come listen of the thunder of hooves off the mountains this Memorial day weekend in the always lovely Thetford, Vermont.

We will again have all the wonderful activities that you have come to know and love:  Heavy list, fencing, archery, thrown weapons, equestrian, A&S classes (with a new culinary tract), the Moonlight Ball, and bardic coffee house. 

We are expecting Many Merchants to be lining up their caravans to provide you with wares not to be missed. 


Learn more about the Society for Creative Anachronism and the Shire of Panther Vale.

The Shire of Panther Vale will be holding a number of demonstrations and displays of the activities of the Society for Creative Anachronism through out the Shire during the summer months. Youth Combat, Heavy List Fighting, Arts and Sciences, Bardic Arts, Thrown Weapons, and Archery will all be included among the activities that will be on display. Usually there will be an opportunity for children in attendance to try on some chain mail, to play medieval games, and to make a small blunt arrow. Adults will be able to enjoy talking with knowledgeable artisans about such medieval crafts as cloisonné, naalbinding, illumination, brewing, cooking, silk painting, embroidery and other needle arts, as well as about the mission and purposes of the Society. No demonstrations are presently scheduled.  However,  demonstrations are expected to be scheduled in the near future. Please come and join us! 

You can learn more about the SCA by reviewing some of the links on the Links page of this web site.


Meet Members

A Series About the Members of Panther Vale
(Series Archives)

New profile coming soon!


PVFightersPanther Vale Fighters!
Standing, left to right: Gavin, Cainneach, Marcellus and Bartolomieu
Kneeling: Sigtyr and Bertrand

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July - after Panteria


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Local Events

Panteria XX

May 22 thru May 25 2015 at Camp Farnsworth, Thetford Center, VT (just off of I-91).

It has had snowball fights... in May. It has had Large Yurts... float through the camp in the middle of the day. It has had feasts... that last for days. It's arrows always hit the target... even when not aiming at them. It's axes stick... sometimes from the handle.


Not So Local Events

Information about other SCA events in New England and adjacent areas my be found at
East Kingdom Events


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